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Designing for Inclusivity: Accessible Elevators, Escalators, and Autowalks in the MENA Region

The notion of inclusivity has become increasingly significant in the field of urban planning and design in recent times. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, vertical transportation systems like elevators, escalators, and autowalks have proved to be instrumental in fostering an inclusive environment that prioritizes the needs of individuals with special needs and disabilities. 


With a focus on inclusivity, the carefully crafted design of escalators ushers forth some sort of harmony and effortless mounting for individuals with special needs and disabilities. Covering wider platforms, visually striking contrasts for those with impaired sight, and meticulously positioned handrails, engineered to tailor and cater to every individual’s unique needs. Furthermore, fortified with an array of safety precautions, including emergency stop mechanisms and obstruction detection sensors, escalators provide an environment of resolute assurance, offering individuals with limited mobility the utmost comfort and security as they traverse public spaces.


The MENA region has made significant strides in embracing inclusive design principles within its vertical transportation systems. A great example of this is the Dubai Metro, which stands as a top choice among the region’s transit systems. It proudly showcases accessible elevators, escalators, and autowalks in every station, ensuring that individuals of varying abilities can effortlessly navigate the system. With this dedication to inclusivity extends beyond the metro, as prominent airports, shopping malls, and regional public buildings prioritize accessibility. By seamlessly integrating inclusive design elements into their vertical transportation systems, they create a safe and welcoming environment that caters to the diverse needs of all people.

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