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Keeping Your Operations Moving

Seamless Maintenance, Reliable Replacements, and Quality Spare Parts for Uninterrupted Performance

Full Replacement

Elevator and Escalator Revamp

Refurbish Your Vertical Transportation Equipment With Our Replacement and Modernization Solutions

Embrace the future of vertical mobility with MENA Lifts and KOYO as we unlock the full potential of buildings, deploying modernization excellence to enhance performance, safety, sustainability, and user satisfaction.


MENA Lifts, in collaboration with KOYO, provides tailored elevator modernization solutions, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and longevity. We upgrade existing systems with the latest technology, including motors, controllers, drives, signalization systems, and modern aesthetics. Our use of advanced technologies, like Destination & Routing Control Systems and predictive maintenance via IoT, contributes to building efficiency and sustainability. Experience an enhanced transition to modern, efficient, and reliable elevator systems, ensuring a seamless shift with our solutions

MENA Lifts offers escalator modernization services for escalators, improving performance, safety, and reliability. This process includes upgrading drive systems, control systems, and safety features while incorporating energy-efficient systems. Predictive maintenance solutions are implemented for optimal performance and minimal downtime. These services aim to enhance the user experience, sustainability, and efficiency of transportation.

Repair and Maintenance

Achieve Peak Efficiency, Maximize Value

Optimize Your Building's Maintenance Strategy For Increased Safety, Efficiency, and Asset Value

We offer professional and tailored maintenance solutions for your elevators and escalators. Our expert team employs a proactive “Prevention by Pre-inspection and Pre-repair” approach, ensuring safety and efficiency. We understand the unique needs of building professionals and provide services that align with your requirements. Our preventive maintenance methods minimize equipment failures, keeping your elevators and escalators in top condition. Trust MENA Lifts to preserve your equipment and assets, maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your vertical transportation systems.

Spare Parts

Be Ready For Tomorrow, Today

Delivering KOYO's World-Cass Spare Parts, Ensuring Optimal Performance and Continuous Operations 24/7

At MENA Lifts, we are committed to offering you globally trusted products. Our offerings are not just safe, reliable, and certified, but they are also designed to ensure the optimal performance of your equipment. Our commitment to quality is steadfast, and we are constantly evolving our services to cater to your needs. We are here to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment, whether they are elevators, escalators, or passenger conveyors.

Our products are an integral part of various settings including residential areas, subways, airports, high-speed rails, hospitals, banks, universities, expos, and more. They are designed to connect every important space of life with reliable technology, making your world safer, more reliable, comfortable, and flexible.

MENA Lifts is a leading provider of high-quality, safe, and everyday use escalators, elevators, and autowalks in the MENA region. As a recognized KOYO partner, we are dedicated to excellence and providing outstanding solutions for vertical transportation requirements across a range of sectors, including commercial, residential, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

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