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Public Transit Series Escalators

Public Transit Series Escalator...

Engineered for volume and robustness, the KYH and KYXF series escalators by MENA Lifts are designed to adeptly handle large passenger flows, making them the ideal choice for public transit environments. These escalators combine reliability, durability, and efficiency, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted transportation in high-traffic areas.

The KYH series of escalators are designed specifically to withstand the strains of high foot traffic. Even during peak hours, these escalators excel at efficiently moving a large number of passengers thanks to their sturdy construction and precise engineering. The KYH series, which is intended for high-capacity transit areas, guarantees dependable operation and effective remedy for congested public spaces.

Model Features Description
KYH Series Carries large passenger flow KYH series public transport escalators are designed to handle a significant volume of passengers.
Equipped with glass handrails These escalators feature sleek glass handrails, providing a modern and stylish look.
KYXF Series Carries large passenger flow KYXF series public transport escalators can efficiently transport a large number of passengers.
Customizable sloping handrails The escalators are equipped with sloping handrails that can be customized to various angles.

Key Highlights

  • A rigorous design for challenging environments: KOYO public transport escalators are designed to withstand demanding conditions, including heavy passenger flow and adverse environments.
  • Excellent outdoor protection measures: These escalators feature comprehensive outdoor protection measures, ensuring superior performance in terms of waterproofing, dust-proofing, and corrosion resistance, all in line with the latest EN-115 code requirements. 
  • Real-time energy-saving adjustments: Advanced sensor detection systems and real-time data exchange with the building’s online monitoring systems allow for precise energy-saving adjustments based on escalator usage, optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Safe and efficient operation: The escalator control system utilizes advanced dual 64-bit microcomputer processors, ensuring 24/7 safe and efficient operation through frequency conversion and power frequency systems.
  • Clear guidance with voice announcements: Voice announcement systems and traffic lights provide clear directions for passengers, ensuring smooth and safe movement on the escalators.

MENA Lifts is a leading provider of high-quality, safe, and everyday use escalators, elevators, and autowalks in the MENA region. As a recognized KOYO partner, we are dedicated to excellence and providing outstanding solutions for vertical transportation requirements across a range of sectors, including commercial, residential, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

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